Recent Before & After Photos

Jack frost came nipping at their nose

Who doesn't love a Christmas song classic about staying in, and getting nice and cozy? I can tell you who, a homeowner whose pipes burst causing them to bring t... READ MORE

Don't go in the cellar

Winter storms can really dampen people's spirits. It is cold for months on end, you have to shovel the driveway, and chances are you almost biffed it twice on t... READ MORE

Up, Up, and Away

We make carpet stains go up, up, and away. We were recently called to do a job for fire extinguisher dust removal. While we were there one of our crew members c... READ MORE

Winter knocked twice on the pipes

The harsh Midwest weather did a number on this Clinton Commercial business. A water pipe broke in the ceiling causing water to drip in many residents' rooms. We... READ MORE

General Cleaning of an Apartment

SERVPRO of Clinton was called by an apartment complex to perform a general cleaning in a tenant's home. Our crew washed the walls, moved the furniture to vacuu... READ MORE

She saw me cleaning in the bathroom....that was Us!

SERVPRO of Clinton was originally called to clean the fire extinguisher dust from the kitchen of an apartment. While cleaning the kitchen and living room of the... READ MORE

Another one bites the dust...

SERVPRO of Clinton was called over the holiday weekend to come and help a homeowner who had to extinguish their own stove fire. When we had arrived, the kitchen... READ MORE

Stop. Drop. and call SERVPRO of Clinton

This home owner came home to quite the surprise when they saw their house was on fire. During this process the house needed to be torn down to the bones to ensu... READ MORE

Don't go chasing Waterfalls

This home owner didn't hesitate to call us to come and restore their most recent water damage. Water falls are pretty majestic, but not if they are flowing insi... READ MORE

Fire Station Cleaning

A local Fire station reached out for us to help them restore their station back to tip top shape. After months of diesel being ran in the station it began to st... READ MORE