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Restoring your Commercial Property after a water Loss

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

water bursting out of rusted pipe Water bursting through a rusted pipe showing the potential for a water loss

Water damage to any building whether it is your home or commercial space can be a traumatic event. When it happens to a commercial space the damages can become more extensive than if it was in your home because there are more liabilities. The first step you are going to want to perform is a risk assessment of the potential damages presented to your staff, occupants, and other personnel. Some of the biggest hazards to look for would be Electrical hazards, slip hazards, and hazards that could present themselves in your HVAC system causing bacterial contamination. Calling a professional to come and help assess the damage is always encouraged.  

The second step in assessing a water damage event is to mitigate damages to ensure that secondary damages do not occur. Secondary damages can be identified as mold growth, damages to carpet that cannot be extracted, wall coverings, artwork, critical documents, etc. It is important that area is properly dried, and the humidity is kept to an acceptable level. 

6 Helpful hints after a Commercial Fire loss

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

commercial brick building on fire Commercial building engulfed in flames

When fire strikes it is easy to make a business owner feel overwhelmed, but we have 6 helpful steps to follow that will help lighten the load.

Step 1: Prevent Further Damage

Preventing further damage can range anywhere from tarping the roof, turning off the water mains, adding security fencing, and boarding up any broken window. 

Step 2: Speak to the Experts

Don't leave everything to your insurance when it comes to reaching out to contractors to fix your damages. Collecting your own documentation is crucial.

Step3: Notify Insurnace

Contacting your insurance in a timely manner is crucial. With being a commercial business, your insurance policy is seen as a contract.

Step 4: Stay Organized

Make sure you keep all receipts, claim notes, estimates, and all written communication. Place all these things in a binder with your policy. 

Step 5: Know that all fire claims are unique

Not all fires cause the same damages, so it is important to realize that every fire needs to be handled in its own special way. Make sure that the building is treated and tested for smoke and water damage in all areas.

Step6: Stay calm and don't rush

Alot of the time business owners are focused on re-opening before all damages are cared for. Do not rush the restoration process, or it could end up costing you more money in the end. 

Prevent Frozen Pipes

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

pipes covered with grey foam insulators Copper pipes covered with grey foam insulators

Whether you are a homeowner who has been cursed with frozen pipes in the past or a new homeowner who doesn't want to deal with the hassle, we have listed some helpful hints on how to get you through the brutal winter.

The first helpful hint is to insulate pipes located in the attic and crawl space using pipe insulation. This tip is helpful even if you live in a climate where harsh freezes do not occur.   

Second helpful hint is to seal or caulk any cracks that might let in cold air. Drier vents and water pipes tend to run outside the home, so it is crucial you inspect those for crack before the weather gets cold.

As you winterize your home do not forget to take care of your outdoor elements as well such as, disconnect your garden hoses. If you have outdoor faucets with cut-off valves, be sure they are closed, drained, and protected with an outdoor faucet cover.

Stay up to date with your local weather. If cold weather settles in and the temperatures are staying in the negatives or single digits, start a small drip of both hot water and cold water in the faucets in your home. A small water drip can prevent frozen pipes.

Best practices to reduce your chances of water damages

1/26/2022 (Permalink)

tile floor half way covered in standing water Basement floor covered in standing water

There are many things you can do around your home to prevent water damages. To start with the basic outdoor essentials, make sure that you disconnect your garden hoses from the house. By disconnecting you hose you are preventing the risk of water freezing in your hose and then back freezing into your pipes. 

The next helpful tip is to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of all debris. Standing water can cause major damage to your foundation allowing water to enter your home. Make sure that all downspouts point in a direction away from your home. 

Another huge factor that can play into water damage is the placement of your foliage. All though shrubs and trees look great, if you plant them to close to your pipes their roots have the tendency to grow right through your pipes. 

Moving inside the home, make sure you know where your water main shut off is. If water starts pooling in, the best thing to do is cut off the access. 

Keeping up on the maintenance of your appliances is another great way to reduce your risks of water damage. Checking the hoses on the washing machine and fridge water line to ensure there are no holes or wear and tear marks. 

The last helpful tip we have for you is to make sure that you fix all leaks promptly. It may be an easy fix to place a bucket under a drip or leak, but it may cost you more in the long run. 

Ready When You Need Us

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

a small interior room showing extensive damage from a recent fire If a fire issue pops up during the holidays, remember the trusted leader in the recovery industry, SERVPRO of Clinton.

If you’re of a certain age—let’s say, old enough to remember keeping change in your car for pay phones—then you probably remember a time when there were simply more things for which people had to wait. It wasn’t uncommon to have to sit and wait on a person or a service, with nothing to do but look around or maybe balance your checkbook.

In the Internet era, we don’t expect to wait for almost anything—instant gratification is the name of the game. And waiting is out. We don’t even wait for things we want anymore, so why should we wait for things we desperately need?

For example, when a pipe bursts or a fire ravages your kitchen, not only is it helpful to have the 24-hour service of SERVPRO available; it’s crucial.

After a fire. Some effects of fire are easily seen, and the destruction of hungry flames is quickly recognizable. But a sneaky after-effect of fire damage is the presence of soot, which is sticky, incredibly small and dense, and which begins to stain ceilings and walls immediately, and attaches itself to carpets and fabrics right away.

In only a few hours, soot can leave irreparable marks on your home and become embedded in your carpets and furniture beyond repair. This plus the smoke smell that works its way into every surface combine to create a great need for immediate remediation.

After water damage. The countdown starts right away, and in addition to the immediate damage done by water, you have 48 hours at most to get your home dried out and dehumidified before mold takes hold. Your respiratory health, and indeed the integrity of your home’s surfaces and walls, may hinge on fast recovery from water damage.

Storms, fires and natural disasters can all disrupt your life, and they can happen at any time of day, leaving you with no time to wait. Mold doesn’t twiddle its thumbs until the office opens at 9 a.m., and neither should you.

When you trust SERVPRO with your cleanup and recovery, you know we’ll be on the case right away, taking care of the things that most endanger you and your home. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and that’s a promise.

When you need help after a home or business disaster, fast service is a priority, and there’s nobody faster or more prepared than SERVPRO. Call us anytime to take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service.

Let These Water Damage Statistics Wash Over You

12/8/2021 (Permalink)

"the underside of a sink showing water damage from leaking pipes” If water damage catches you off-guard and leaves you all wet, you’ve got help on your side. Contact SERVPRO of Clinton.

Your plumbing does two incredibly important jobs. It helps the water you rely on get from place to place and serve its purpose for bathing, drinking or cleaning. It's equally important task is keeping that same water in its proper place. Without your pipes, hoses and appliances holding that tension at all times, you’d have a watery mess on your hands, and that right fast.

It’s crucial for your plumbing and water systems to be maintained because frankly, the numbers representing water damage are astonishing.

48. This is the number of hours it takes for mold to begin building its kingdom in your house after a water invasion. Under the right conditions, it could begin even more quickly.

98. We’d love for this to be a misprint, but it’s accurate—about 98% of all basements will experience water damage eventually. The odds of you missing out on this one are slim.

10,234. This is the average dollar amount needed to fully repair a water damage claim. Obviously they don’t all cost this much, but then again, some cost much more.

14,000. This might be the most incredible number on the list, as it represents the number of home water incidents reported every single day. That means a new incident is occurring something like every six seconds!

13,000,000,000. It takes this many dollars per year to undo all the damage done by water in homes across the United States—a truly staggering figure.

What can you do to avoid being part of these statistics? Check your plumbing regularly, keep your water systems up to date and manage leaks immediately when you find them. You can also do things like turn off your water main when you go on vacation, wrap pipes in winter and let faucets drip during freezes. Taking these precautions can keep the repair crew away.

If water damage catches you off-guard and leaves you all wet, you’ve got help on your side. Contact SERVPRO to see how we can quickly and fully restore water damage to your home or business.

Preparation for Winter Storms and Extreme Weather | SERVPRO® of Clinton

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

a close-up image of a car and tire moving through snow If winter weather should bring damage to your home or business, contact SERVPRO of Clinton for fast, restorative solutions.

Something that should never be forgotten in the upcoming season of family traditions, holidays and the look forward toward a new year is the importance of staying safe during potentially dangerous weather. Living in Clinton means you’re going to be facing some kind of winter hazards, it’s just a matter of (ahem) degrees. (We’ll see ourselves out, thanks.)

So as winter creeps in, let’s run down the list of things to recall and check in on.

Protect Your Family
One of the most important things you can do to prepare your family is to communicate well. Ensure that your household knows and practices an emergency action plan in order to keep in contact, minimize fear and induce action in the face of distress.

Winterize your vehicle. Check that all necessary parts, including battery and tires, are working, and that all fluids are topped off. Keep a windshield scraper and emergency kit inside, as well as some spare clothes that can keep you warm should it become necessary to shelter in your vehicle.

Protect Your Home
Frozen pipes cause a great deal of headache for homeowners in cold weather, and knowing how to avoid them can keep you in the dry.

Check and maintain all your home heat sources. If you use a fireplace and chimney, make sure it’s clean and well-vented, and handle every fire with caution. Keep extra fuel or wood on hand in case of an extended indoor stay.

You can also maintain thermal comfort indoors by sealing or resealing windows, and adding extra insulation to the attic.

Protect Your Pets
If you’re cold, your pets probably are, too. Bring them inside if you can, and make sure they have somewhere comfortable to stay. If you have horses or livestock, see to it that they have adequate shelter and a way to get non-frozen water.

Watch for Melts and Flooding
Melting ice and snow can result in dangerous floods, which put homes and businesses at risk. Always let local news and weather alerts help you stay on top of potential dangers such as these.

If winter weather should bring damage or flooding to your home or business, contact SERVPRO for fast, restorative solutions.

House Fires & Their Top Causes

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

a firefighter battling a fire with a water hose in hand Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO of Clinton is here for you if your home is affected by fire.

The thought of fire—unpredictable, quick to spread and potentially devastating for a home and family—causes nightmares for homeowners. One would imagine homeowners would go to any and all lengths to avoid this kind of disaster, and yet a quarter of all reported fires still occur in the home, despite all we now know about fire safety and decades of safety campaigns.

So we’re here to once again raise the issue and make sure you know the dangers of home fires—let’s look at the most common ways they start.

Cooking. Cooking is by far the No. 1 cause of house fires and injuries, although there’s another cause that claims more lives. Half of all house fires start at the stove or in the kitchen, and most of those begin because of unattended cooking. Yes, the single highest cause of all home fires is preventable simply by being present and paying attention while you cook.

Heating equipment. Heaters start 14% of all fires at home. Many of these are caused by portable space heaters in colder months, which tip over or catch nearby curtains, furniture or clothes on fire.

Electrical fires. An under-represented cause of fire is the fact that we generally use more electricity than many old homes are wired for. Combine this fact with the tendency of wiring and outlets to develop faults and seasonal overloads for lighting, and you start to see exactly how easy it is for electrical fires to start at home.

Intentional fires. You might not believe it, but there are some 28,000 intentional home fires each year in the United States. These are fires that began with the intention of burning a structure, not simply fires set on purpose for some other reason that got out of control.

Smoking materials. Smoking materials, while responsible for only 5% of home fires, are tragically responsible for more fire deaths than any other cause. Ashes are often left burning as victims fall asleep, leaving little time to react and increasing carbon monoxide toxicity.

Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO is here for you if your home is affected by fire. Contact your local team today to see how we can help.

The Commercial Cleaning Services Your Business Needs

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO employee in PPE prepping an area for cleaning Are you ready to have the cleanest business in town? Contact SERVPRO of Clinton for all your cleaning needs.

You know SERVPRO is the name homeowners trust most when they need cleanup and restoration from all kinds of disasters, from fire to flood and everything in between. But did you know that we’re also the source of great services for business and commercial enterprises?

We are! In addition to residential services, we also provide incredible benefits of all kinds for businesses of any size.

Just one example of how we can help your business: SERVPRO knows that the cleanliness of your facility says a lot to your customers about how you care for them, so we’ve made it part of our assignment to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to cleaning and sanitation.

Commercial Services for Businesses of Any Size

Your focus should be your products and customer experience—let us handle the cleaning. We can make any kind of facility feel like a breath of fresh air—like these:

Retail facilities, from small local shops to malls and complexes. From the smallest book shop to the largest chain store, we can give everyone clean, germ-safe facilities that sparkle.

Educational facilities of all sorts, including sports stadiums and arenas. Regular cleaning by students and teachers, though well-intentioned, only destroys about half the bacteria present on the most-used classroom areas, and the percentage is much lower for objects like printers that don’t receive everyday cleaning. We can fix that.

Healthcare facilities, assisted living spaces and hospice homes. Healthcare spaces host some of our most vulnerable citizens, and we go the extra mile to make sure the air they breathe and the surfaces they come in contact with are spotless and germ-free.

Hotels, resorts, and hospitality facilities. From the convention center floor to the hotel lobby, we’ll make everything next-level clean and you’ll have a space that welcomes customers and gives them peace of mind.

Foodservice facilities and restaurants. Let us take cleaning off your plate. Whether your business is preparing and distributing food or serving it directly to consumers, we’ll make sure no pathogens put their health at risk.

Property management, from small office buildings to multi-level high rises and commercial complexes. Your tenants deserve a worry-free environment, and we can help provide it with the highest standards of professional cleaning.

Workplaces lose an unreal $260 billion per year because of workplace illnesses and lost productivity during sick days. Let us help you foster a sanitized environment and keep your employees and your bottom line at peak condition.

When you’re ready to have the cleanest business in town, we’re ready to help. Contact your local SERVPRO to get the pros working on the cleaning so you can work on the work.

How to Be Sure You Can Trust Your Restoration Company

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

three green SERVPRO trucks lined up on a side stree You can rest easy knowing you’ve got the trusted leader in the restoration industry on the other end of the line, SERVPRO of Clinton

It’s unfortunate to think about, but the odds are high that at some point you’ll have to deal with home damage from a disaster of some kind, whether it’s something caused by nature or just a faulty washing machine hose.

When that day arrives, it’s going to put you in a pressing situation that forces you into some quick decision-making, as you settle on a company to help you with your restoration.

Before you make that decision, these are the three questions you need to ask yourself.

Are They Legit?

Here’s some vital information you may not realize: Not everyone who offers to help after a storm is really there to help you. Sadly, natural disasters in particular bring scammers out of the woodwork—con artists who are unlicensed, and who will make promises of fast or cheap repair, get your money upfront, and be gone, leaving you with no recourse.

SERVPRO is a name you can trust—having been a leader in the industry for over half a century, we’ve carved a place as a dependable partner by delivering on our promises over and over again.

And what’s more, national brands such as the PGA Tour, which rely on fast, meticulous service, depend on us to maintain their facilities and tour stops. If they trust SERVPRO, you can, too.

Will They Be There When I Need Help?

When you’ve got a flooded basement, you want to know you can get someone on the case tout suite. Who’s got time to wait?

We’re on call 24 hours a day, every day, to make sure we’re available when you need us. We’ll have a team of experts out to start the process before you know it.

Where’s a Fleet When You Need One?

SERVPRO of Clinton is locally owned and operated, so there’s already a highly trained and equipped team right here to tackle your disaster recovery. But in the case of a major regional disaster or a surge of weather activity, your local team is flanked by the full national SERVPRO network, chock-full of expert teams ready to step in and lend a hand.

That means that while you may be overwhelmed, we never are. Once we light the beacon, we’ve got a fully powered army of water-drying, smoke-removing technicians ready to step in and help the homeowners all around you, without your needs ever getting lost or pushed back.

When you call SERVPRO, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the trusted leader in the restoration industry on the other end of the line. When disaster hits home, contact us to get our local experts and nationwide network on your side.